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Sep 06, 2012

LA's Promise Schools Show Impressive Gains on California State Tests!

John Muir Middle School, Manual Arts High School and West Adams Preparatory High School Show Impressive Improvement

 Continued Gains for LA’s Promise Schools on CSTs

LOS ANGELES, CA  –– LA’s Promise announced that its network of three schools improved student proficiency across all core subject areas on the May 2012 California Standards Tests. Not only did students show significant growth over a three–year period (2009–2012), there is a significant decrease in the percentage of students scoring in the Below Basic and Far Below Basic categories – the lowest achieving bands.

“Our schools have experienced steady gains, a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, parents, teachers, administrative staff, and counselors,” said Dr. Rupi Boyd, Superintendent of Instruction for LA’s Promise. “It is especially impressive to see this improvement amidst drastic budget cuts that have forced schools to achieve greater results with fewer resources.”

All three partner schools experienced an increase in English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency, with John Muir Middle School (John Muir), the newest LA’s Promise school, increasing student proficiency by 4% in just one year. Over a three–year period, both Manual Arts High School (Manual Arts) and West Adams Preparatory High School (West Adams) increased ELA proficiency by 6% and 7% respectively.

In mathematics, 24% of John Muir students scored Proficient or Advanced—a 6% gain from the previous year that is double the LAUSD average for a middle school one–year gain.  West Adams' mathematics proficiency growth doubled the district's average for one–year gains in high school math proficiency. Additionally, all three schools generated a 4% decrease in the percentage of students scoring Below Basic and Far Below Basic in mathematics.

All schools saw impressive gains in the area of science, with John Muir increasing students’ science proficiency by 13%, Manual Arts by 6% in Chemistry and West Adams by 8% in Biology. Across the network of LA’s Promise schools, students scoring Proficient and Advanced in science increased on average by 7% with a simultaneous 7% decrease in the percentage of students scoring in the lowest performing bands.

“We proudly celebrate the gains of our partner schools, especially the results at John Muir Middle School that initiated its transformation just one year ago, ” said Veronica Melvin, President and Chief Executive Officer, LA’s Promise. “The growth in test scores exemplifies what is possible when folks collectively and strategically work hard toward common goals. These schools are on the path to success!”

To continue growth across all schools and subjects, LA’s Promise schools will strategically use data to reflect and refine their work with the goal of supporting the individual needs of students in all content areas, with a particular emphasis on math.

The California Standards Tests measure students' progress toward achieving California's state–adopted academic content standards in English Language Arts, math, science, and history. Results were released by the California Department of Education on Friday, August 31st.

About LA’s Promise

LA's Promise is radically improving the education, health and social outcomes for thousands of youth in one South Los Angeles community – LA’s Promise Neighborhood. Through a robust school turnaround model, LA’s Promise partners with a cadre of schools committed to ensuring that students growing up in poverty receive an excellent education. 

LA’s Promise Neighborhood includes two large South LA high schools (Manual Arts and West Adams Prep) and one middle school (John Muir) operated by LA’s Promise in a first–of–its–kind performance contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Within this zone, LA’s Promise transforms chronically failing public schools, opens new schools and remakes schools into community hubs that offer comprehensive support services for students and families. By doing this, LA’s Promise will prepare every child in LA’s Promise Neighborhood to be college and career––ready, healthy and successful in life.